Beating Sales Presentation Boredom!

Choose a PowerPoint template that uses high contrast between background text. Like white letters on a dark blue background. Or vice versa. Otherwise your audience can’t see clearly.

Don’t produce the slides actions run through of your presentation. Your slides should be teasers on regularly presentation, detailing the details. In this way people are focusing inside your speech not your Powerpoint template. The slides are re-enforcing the points you are generating in your speech and will be then something and not the core of your presentation.

Recently I dared to stand before an august regarding business men and women without the help of PowerPoint. Afterwards, one belonging to the attendees emerged to me and pointed out that it was a brave move, but it worked. Today it is sort of unheard of to attempt a presentation without all of this text, images, color and pizzazz that has come from a self-respecting PowerPoint demonstration.

But are usually already have a Powerpoint presentation , you might be already in order to copy it to a DVD swiftly. The steps should be easy if you have chosen the most user friendly software. While interface could vary from manufacturer to another, the steps would basically be exactly the. You begin by importing the PowerPoint presentation to the program.

If you must look pictures slides which may help you stay on track, position your laptop as a “confidence monitor” so you can see now the slides on your laptop screen while still facing the audience.

Number seven is facts timing. Leave your slide on device long enough so that the audience has time to assimilate your message [no “flashers” please], but not for lengthy as that listeners becomes restless. Pitfall effect: the audience is taking care of trying to hold or trying not to watch out for too dreary. Either way, effective listening is undermined.

Avoid movement of slide elements. While moving text or graphics around with the slide may look like fun, really distracting to the audience. Avoid the “build” animation feature unless it is imperative that your points be revealed slowly.